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Easily convert your Excel CSV files into bank friendly ABA files to process your batch transactions automatically.
  • Setup your account quickly
  • List and validate all the data before conversion
  • Save your regular conversions
  • Convert ABA files online

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No more tireless data-entry, process all your online finance transactions with a Cemtex ABA file. Just upload your Excel payments list to CemtexABA.com and download a bank friendly ABA batch file to process all those transactions instantly!

The CemtexABA.com ABA converter is an online based system that accepts a standard CSV file and automatically converts it into a valid ABA format.

With flexible monthly or pay-per-use account options, CemtexABA is the best way to save time and money with your client's bank transfers.

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By using the Blue Chilli Cemtex generator we have saved a couple of hours work and eliminated human error from our direct debit process each month. The site is easy to use and efficient.

-Rob Priestly, Director, Gouge Linen and Garment Services
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We integrated CemtexABA into our application which sends our commissions out automatically, a huge timesaver.

-Paul Smith, CTO, 199QUERY.com
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I work as an accountant and I process the payroll for several of my clients, before I knew about CemtexABA I was processing it all manually - now all I have to do is upload a file...

-Josh Simpson, SEA Accountants
"Easily generate bank friendly ABA files with CemtexABA.com - just upload your MS Excel CSV file and you're done!"