Products has easy payment options to suit all budgets and uses. Plus the option of an JSON API that you can integrate to work seamlessly with your internal systems and applications. file converter

Sick of manually processing 100's of transactions? We have developed a comprehensive ABA file converter to easily allow you to convert your excel (CSV) transaction list into a file format that can be imported by the major Banks.

Easy to use online and integrated API options

The ABA converter is an online based system that accepts a standard CSV file and automatically converts it into a valid ABA format. This can be done via our easy-to-use online portal or can be integrated into your application through our RESTful API.

We have three easy plans for you to choose from.

Conversion plan options has two easy payment options to suit all budgets and uses. Plus we have the option to provide a fully integrated system bespoke to your application's needs.

Pay per use

Flexible conversion based on the number of lines converted at $5.00 every 30 lines. Each conversion is billed after you’ve verified the data can be uploaded with our convenient test file.

$5.00 every 30 lines (AUD, excl GST) - Setup your account now!

Unlimited monthly account

For power users, conduct an unlimited number of conversions in any given calendar month and pay a low monthly fee. Access your conversions from anywhere with our intutive online portal.

$97 per month (AUD, inc GST) - Setup your account now!