ABA Format

What is the ABA file format?

Issued by the Australian Bankers Association (ABA) the ABA or Cemtext file format is a format used by banks to allow for batch transactions.

Whilst not a "standard" most Australian Banks have adopted this format by default. The guys behind CemtexABA.com, BlueChilli have built ABA exports for clients who use banks such as Bank of Queensland, NAB and Westpac and have rolled this technology into a standalone web application CemtexABA

An ABA file format is also known as a Direct Entry file, a Cemtext file format or simply as an ABA file. An ABA file has the extension ".aba" and is (usualy) a standard ASCII format with Windows style new line characters.

Easily convert your ABA files online, record all past transactions and validate transactions with a CemtexABA account.

How does a batch transaction work?

Once you've created an ABA file using our online application you can upload it to your bank through their online login.

Your bank will then process each entry in the ABA file automatically.

ABA file example

The following is an ABA file example. To create a live ABA file from your data, visit our ABA file generator.

	0                 01BQL       MY NAME                   1111111004231633  230410
	1123-456157108231 530000001234S R SMITH                       TEST BATCH        062-000 12223123MY ACCOUNT      00001200
	1123-783 12312312 530000002200J K MATTHEWS                    TEST BATCH        062-000 12223123MY ACCOUNT      00000030
	1456-789   125123 530003123513P R JONES                       TEST BATCH        062-000 12223123MY ACCOUNT      00000000
	1121-232    11422 530000002300S MASLIN                        TEST BATCH        062-000 12223123MY ACCOUNT      00000000
	7999-999            000312924700031292470000000000                        000004

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