Terms and Conditions


CemtexABA is owned and operated by 101010 Pty Ltd (ABN: 65670473588), an Australian company headquartered in Sydney.


All transactions will appear on your credit card statement under the name "CemtexABA".

Refund policy

CemtexABA offers no refunds for CemtexABA Software as a Service (Saas) products. Your account can be cancelled at any time and you forfeit the remaining account balance if you are on the monthly account plan.


Your online services and products should be delivered within a few minutes, however this can take up to a few hours depending on network conditions. If you have not received your login details within 24 hours, contact us immediately at support@cemtexaba.com and we'll work out what went wrong.

Consumer data/Privacy Policy

All your private details are protected by our secure database which is only accessible by you, people you authorize via your administration portal and by CemtexABA technical staff.

Credit card security

All credit card transactions are protected and insured by Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) 256 bit encryption, as depicted by the "locked" icon in your browser window.

Credit card storage

CemtexABA does not store credit card numbers or details on our server. In order to process your monthly account or on-demand transactions, your credit card details are stored and encrypted on our Merchant Facility Stripe.

Country of origin

CemtexABA is based in Sydney, Australia. All credit card transactions are processed in Australia in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Currency Conversions

CemtexABA processes payments in Australian Dollars (AUD). Currency conversions are completed by your card issuer. Check with your financial institution for any fees that may apply to international transactions.

Contact details

Please contact us at support@cemtexaba.com with any questions or concerns.

Export restrictions

There are no export restrictions for CemtexABA services.